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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it! You're dying to see if Barney's HVAC is the real deal. Look below to see what our loyal customers are typically asking before becoming life-time clients.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! We're not just your average HVAC folks. We're a fully licensed and insured team, which means you're in safe hands. Our credentials aren't just for show; they're a testament to our commitment to quality and your peace of mind. So, when you choose us, you're not only getting expert HVAC service, but you're also getting the assurance that we've got all the necessary bases covered. Think of us as your trusty sidekicks on your HVAC journey, making sure you're cozy, comfortable, and protected.

Do you offer emergency services?

You betcha! We understand that HVAC hiccups don't wait for a convenient time to happen. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency services. Whether it's a sweltering summer night or a chilly winter morning, we're here to save the day (or night). Think of us as your HVAC superheroes, ready to swoop in and rescue your comfort whenever you need us. So, rest easy knowing we've got your back around the clock, because comfort doesn't keep office hours.

What areas do you serve?

We're your local HVAC superheroes, proudly serving Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Aurora, Castle Rock, Greeley, Loveland and the neighboring regions. Whether you're in the heart of Denver or a little further out, we're just a call away from ensuring your HVAC needs are met. We're all about bringing comfort to homes and businesses in this community. So, if you're anywhere in Northern Colorado, we're your HVAC experts, ready to make your space cozy and inviting.

What services do you offer?

Oh, we wear many HVAC hats! We're your go-to source for all things heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. From installing top-notch systems to giving your HVAC some much-needed TLC with maintenance and repairs, we've got it all. You could say we're a one-stop-shop for your comfort needs. No matter the season, we've got your back. So, if you're looking for comprehensive HVAC solutions, you've come to the right place. We're not just a service; we're your HVAC partner in comfort.

What is your pricing structure?

We believe in transparency, not surprises. When it comes to pricing, we're as clear as your air on a crisp day. Our quotes are detailed, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for, without any hidden fees or unexpected costs. We're not here to play games; we're here to ensure your HVAC experience is as smooth as a perfectly maintained system. With us, you can relax, knowing that you're getting fair and competitive pricing. Your comfort is our priority, and so is your financial peace of mind.

How quickly can I expect a response to my service inquiry or request?

We're all about speedy responses! You won't be left waiting in the cold (or heat). When you reach out, our team is committed to getting back to you promptly, usually within [insert response time, e.g., 24 hours]. We know HVAC issues can be urgent, so we prioritize fast and efficient communication with our customers.